"Los del Gato Fotógrafos", hereinafter the company, is dedicated to the provision of photography services with address in Benidorm. Through this LEGAL NOTICE is intended to regulate the access and use, and in general, the relationship between this Portal (hereinafter WEBSITE) accessible at the Internet address losdelgato.com, and users of the WEBSITE (hereinafter users).

In order to facilitate a fast and efficient development of the relationship with the users, the company guarantees by means of this notice, the privacy of the online services in accordance with the legal requirements and informs about its personal data protection policy so that the users can freely and voluntarily determine if they wish to provide the company with their personal data through the electronic form for the subscription of the services offered by the company on its WEBSITE.

Users consent to the processing of said personal data by the company under the terms of this Personal Data Protection Policy.

The company guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by users and its automated processing in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data (Organic Law 15/99, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, Royal Decree 994/1999, of 11 June, which approves the Regulation of security measures for automated files containing personal data, as well as all the regulations applicable to this matter).


Our products are personalised and Los del Gato will not edit, correct or modify them in any way. It is the customer's responsibility to check it before sending it, so you should pay attention to: Grammatical errors, unfinished texts or errors in the text, as well as low resolution images that may appear blurred. Therefore, Los del gato will not be responsible and will not accept product returns due to low resolution, image definition or framing.

The determination of the delivery time starts from the moment the personalised product is ready and correct to be printed until it is sent to the customer. Therefore, those products that suffer delays because they were not initially ready or correct for production when they were received, and have needed some kind of subsequent correction by the user, will not be considered out of delivery time.
Los del Gato sends orders to its customers through national and international transport companies.

We do our best to respect the delivery times, however, we are not responsible for deficiencies due to a delay in shipment or loss of the package by persons outside the transport contract. Transport times may be altered by extraordinary incidents at the carrier and by difficulties in delivery.

Errors attributable to the transport of the product (knocks and damage visible to the naked eye) must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. If your order arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect, please let us know by emailing losdelgato@gmail.com.

Errors attributable to the delivery time of the company in charge of transporting the product will in no case be attributable to Los del Gato.

The shipping costs are 6,00€ National. For international shipments 12€.