Artistic Photography


Photomontage is a post-production procedure or method and is also a photographic technique. The term is applied to the process and the result of creating a single image composed of others, as if it were a kind of collage but with total integration. This composition is made by using several images that separately mean something totally different and when combined they create a scenario capable of transmitting emotions. Translated with (free version)

Matte painting allows you to create imaginary scenes, atmospheres and landscapes that would be impossible to capture in real life. That is why it has a magical and dreamlike air that makes each creation unique and personal.     

Matte painting is the visual representation using matte techniques to recreate realistic scenes, landscapes and scenarios by integrating and superimposing several images or photographs. (It dates back to times when it was widely used in cinema with the technique of matte painting on glass to create different environments). Translated with (free version)

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